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A sugar coated solutions for your sweet cravings.

Our Bakery & Dessert Categories

Our bread and bakery staple will cover your every meal starting from breakfast including evening snack and ending with healthy dinner. We commit to quality, and it can be seen in every aspect of our business, including our ingredients and products. The sweet, buttery, chocolatey flavor and soft, pillowy texture of United Foods Corporation’s rolls, buns and bread has set a standard among various families, world-class chefs and foodies in every corner of the world. Freshness is the soul of our products which makes us the most prominent supplier and manufacturer of bakery and dessert products to thousands of food service venues. With a delicious collection of pie, cakes, ice-creams and more, we can help you maximize your sales and satisfy your customer’s sugary cravings.

Scientific Description

The baked food includes a wide range of products all of which are made from wheat flour whereas desserts comprise of a diverse range of consumer products with a significant amount of dairy ingredients. Both bakery and dessert products go parallel in terms of ingredients used for preparation. The shelf life of these products depends upon both the sensory changes and the microbial spoilage. The market of bakery and dessert products is growing due to innovation in ready-to-eat form with convenience and indulgence of health benefits such as low in fat and sugar content. The texture modifiers used such as dominant flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla is the main reason for a hype of these products.