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Our Beverages Categories

A market where flavours are fashionable, and the taste is spiffy beverage makes like UFC still come back to quality ingredients to create superior products. Understanding the customer’s demand and preference with the proper market analysis, we lead with high quality, fantastic taste, low impurities, and clean flavours. United foods corporation provide a wide range of beverages to choose from along with particular ingredients to customize the drinks as per your choice. With more than 50 brands and a countless assortment of beverages, we sure to be brewing something you will fall in love by taking a sip. We provide a wide variety of ingredients to choose from with our premium quality products connecting your business to industry leading distribution networks keeping you filled with high-quality fresh products.

Scientific Description

Beverages are the type of liquid which is consumed by a mass audience as a source of energy, nutrients, and hydration. The beverages sector makes the major part of the food industry and constitutes about $40 billion market. The beverage is commonly divided into an alcoholic (beer, wines, spirits) and non-alcoholic (coffee, soft drinks, fruit juice) drinks. Beverages are prepared from the various method, but the most common one is supercritical fluids extraction, which is the most promising and innovative technique used today. The packaging of beverages is done using UV-blocking technology. However, the oxidation in beverages is measured by tracking the development of hex anal or compound i.e., marked by GC or GC-MS. It provides a set of unique challenges which are not found in other food matrices.