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Our Candy Categories

The sweet and confectionery food treat in a variety of sizes enlighten the taste buds with its juicy, chocolatey or fruity flavors. Our candies are packed with fruity taste and a delicious chewy texture which can be consumed anytime and anywhere. There are many different types of candies, and every one of it will make forget all your tension and let you enjoy its blasting flavors. United Foods Corporation is the largest distributor of candies and delivering a sweet experience to its customers from more than 30 years. We proudly serve more than ten thousand customers, candy stores, gourmet food stores and a lot more. Always putting our customers first is what we believe in and this helps us to deliver the premium quality candies internationally.

Scientific Description

Candies are intermediate moisture food that is prepared by drying of drained fruits impregnated with cane sugar or glucose. Hard candies, toffees and brittles have extremely short shelf life unless they are protected from moisture in the environment. However, moisture is the root cause of short shelf life, but there are other factors who plays this role as well. The loss of flavor occurs mainly because of the decrease in Tg as it leads to an increase in moisture content. Therefore, in the case of toffees and brittles, the high-fat content leads to lipid oxidation which ultimately causes the end of shelf life. Our professionals are highly qualified in safety and can help companies and parents to supervise and select candies that are healthy to consume by kids or adults.