Curing Agents

We have been delivering a tailor-made solution to our customer’s worldwide in terms of preserving food products.

Our Curing Agent Categories

Curing Agent is a substance reacting with the polymer surface to solidify the material. The hardness of material depends upon how strong the bonding of molecular components is with the surface or material. United Foods Corporation has a global presence in the industry, and our premium quality of curing agents are used by various customers and industries to maintain the flavor and hardening characteristics without compromising on nutritional content. Our distribution network is combined with our business experts to deliver the finest quality ingredients matching your industry standards which provide a fast cure to all your meat and poultry products along with fruits and vegetables.

Ascorbic acid

A glucose compound found naturally in citrus fruits and many vegetables having vitamin C as its biologically active form.


A chemical compound related to phosphoric acid is composed of salts containing phosphate ion, dihydrogen ion and positively charged ions of sodium and calcium.

Glucono delta lactone

A white odorless crystalline food additive known as the lactone of D-gluconic acid is primarily used as an acidifier, curing, pickling, leavening or sequestrant agent.

Sodium Ascorbate

A mineral salt of ascorbic acid which is approved for use as a food additive has multiple functions like it act as an antioxidant, acidity regulator and a lot more.

Scientific Description

Curing agents also called hardener which reacts with an epoxide in wide temperature ranges bringing many epoxy thermosets that cannot be melted or dissolved. The cured epoxy then displays some outstanding thermal and chemical properties. However, the curing reaction under an equivalent molar of the reactive group will lead to thermoset with optimal properties. The amount is roughly calculated either by the weight of the molecule or the number of reactive group (-NH2). The effect of curing agent on the blend should be considered carefully and don’t take the pre-cured mixture as a simple binary system since the addition of hardener will significantly influence the miscibility of the copolymer/precursor blend. However, the research is still, and it may take some time to develop the complete documentation of the topic.


Curing Agents product list

  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Erythorbic Acid
  • Glucono Delta Lactone
  • Phosphates
  • Sodium Ascorbate
  • Sodium Erythorbate
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Sodium Nitrite