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Dairy is much different now than it used to be 50 years back. Dairy products are still an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, it is even a preferable choice on-go eaters who prefer milk base products than wheat or grains. The market has enormous potential and which is why United Foods Corporation has stepped in with the top quality dairy products consisting of wide range including milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter and more. The most significant factor in the volatility of dairy industry is quantity and quality. From dairy farmers to processors to retailers, our entire team is working together to ensure that dairy’s demand is fulfilled without compromising with the quality of product and animals. Consumer Confidence helps us continue our commitment to healthy people, healthy products and a healthy plane.

Scientific Description

Dairy products are the primary source of vitamin D, which improves insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis by regulating calcium homeostasis. These provide the body carbohydrate, fat globules, moisture, protein, calcium and more. Lactic acid bacteria are the organism used for fermenting dairy products because of its ability to convert lactose to lactic acid efficiently. Lactic acid helps increase acidity, coagulate protein and prevents the growth of unnecessary organisms. The diversity of dairy product is because of various types of milk used, processes involved, and microorganisms used. As whole dairy products are very versatile ingredients, especially in sweet and savoury recipes. There are numerous dairy products to start a healthy day and live a better life by consuming them regularly.