Fresh Vegetables & Produce

Our experts taste and rate the veggies daily so that you only ever get the best to eat.

Our Fresh Vegetable Categories

Fresh vegetables are the heart and soul of any food. United Foods Corporation offers a fresh produces of numerous varieties of healthy, wholesome and nutritious vegetables for a healthy lifestyle. Our Goal is to provide safe, healthy and high-quality vegetables which will not only improve the taste of your products but also help to boom your sales. Our fresh cut products include various vegetables like onions, lettuce, pepper, carrot and much more with customized packaging options to meet our customer’s needs. At United Foods Corporation we are passionate to deliver vegetables that are of best quality because for us quality is ethics and we don’t compromise on ethics.

Scientific Description

Fresh vegetables are the essential source of healthy life, and it is important to know how to maintain its freshness. The demand for fresh vegetables has touched new heights in recent years. These veggies are either consumed raw or are processed a little and therefore can be a channel of transportation of several pathogens. This microorganism produces various outbreaks including bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp. and many viruses and parasites. However, with the increase of viruses in the produce, science has developed many technologies to eliminate these viruses from food products. But still various researches are conducted regularly, and new methods are tested to control all the parameters necessary to achieve produce with exceptionally excellent shelf life without compromising on quality.