How to Become a Key Partner

We are driving long-term growth and profitability. Come and grow with us!


With vendor’s/supplier’s support and participation, United Foods Corp conducts in-house training for management, sales, customer service, and technical service teams:


  • Market knowledge
  • Basic chemistry and production process
  • Applications
  • Target markets
  • Sales goals


  • Product literature and samples
  • Appropriate inventory
  • Competitive price


  • Generate a list of all possible sales leads
  • Participate in a series of ongoing joint sales calls with our suppliers
  • Marketing as key contact during development of new line
  • Ongoing training to keep current with industry development and customers’ needs


There are many ways to evaluate and select a distributor to support your sales efforts. At UNITED FOODS CORP, we are committed to providing a reliable, effective, and quality distribution service second to none in our industry. This is evident in the list of the services provided by us to our customers and principals. Services include:

  • Specialization in food and beverage, cosmetic and personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical, commercial and industrial markets
  • Market research and sales analysis on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Third-party audits of vendors (SGS, NSF, AIB, etc.)
  • BRC/FSSC22000/SQF/KOSHER/HALAL, certified membership with Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Total Safety and Quality Management (TSQM) System, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), documentation of every aspect of activities, and traceability of every product and shipment
  • Mixed load of ingredients and one-stop shopping for our customers
  • Advanced computer systems for food and pharmaceutical processing, packaging, and distribution
  • Constant E-mail marketing (We own constantemails and can send unlimited e-mails to contacts in the food and pharmaceutical industries)
  • Newsletters and announcements through direct mail and e-mail campaigns
  • General technical service, laboratory, and customer application support
  • Custom processing and packaging services
  • Bulk handling
  • Custom manufacturing

All of us here at United Foods Corp are excited about the opportunity of adding your great company to the UFC Family.


  • All employees are trained in Total Safety and Quality Management (TSQM) by an outside quality-training service contractor. United Foods Corporation maintains the following personnel and quality control process:
    1. One full-time safety and quality manager
    2. Team approach:
      1. SQST: Safety and Quality Steering Team
      2. SQPT: Safety and Quality Priorities Team
      3. SQAT: Safety and Quality Action Team
    3. Quality Improvement Process:
      1. QAT: Quality Assurance Team Self-Assessment Report
      2. CCR: Customer Complaint Report
      3. VCAR: Vendor Corrective Action Request
      4. PRR: Problem Resolution Report
  • Performance measurement and statistical process control
  • Customer Service – provides accurate and immediate information on order status, pricing and availability, and shipping and receiving of materials; responds promptly to customer’s request for documentation such as Supplier’s Continuing Guarantee, Certificate of Insurance, Kosher Certificate, Certification of Analysis, Bill of Lading, Packing List, Product Specifications, Material Safety Data Sheet, Product Application Bulletin, Nutritional Information, Certificate of No Testing on Animals, and GMO-Free Certificate.
  • Purchasing – constantly evaluates the performance of vendors and selects the most dependable, competitive, and high-quality source of raw material
  • Technical service – provides customers regularly with updates on new literature and application information available from vendors/principals
  • Regulatory Compliance – constantly monitors the changing regulations concerning chemical usage and handling; provides customers with updates and information concerning new regulations in a timely manner
  • Computer Support – order, status, inventory, pricing, and market information are updated continuously using the United Food Corp computer system; EDI procedures are available
  • Accounting – all payables and receivables are tracked and kept within industry norms in the United States


  • One (1) white room for USP-grade materials
  • Mixing/blending and packaging (any market size bags, drums, or totes)
  • 24,000-square-foot food-grade processing/packaging facility for mixing, blending, and packaging
  • One (1) quality-control/analytical chemistry laboratory
  • Four (4) food-grade liquid-processing tanks
  • Two (2) bag-closing machines
  • Two (2) single-roll, oscillating granulating machines
  • Two (2) 50-horse ACM pin mills
  • One (1) Jacobson delumping machine
  • One (1) cone mill/gentle grinding machine
  • Two (2) particle classifiers/screeners
  • One (1) air-jet mill—micronizing system (1 um to 20 um)
  • Two (2) counter-rotating teeth mills for fine grinding
    (100 to 200 mesh)
  • One (1) Fitzpatrick Chilsonater®/roll-compaction machine
  • One controlled particle-roller mill
  • 100,000 gallons liquid chemicals capability
    (reaction vessels and liquid blending tanks)
  • Two (2) stainless steel/self-cleaning microfilters
  • One (1) carbon bed filter
  • One (1) spray-drying tower
  • One (1) vacuum reactor/dryer
  • One 400-cubic-foot ribbon blender


  • East Brunswick, New Jersey.
  • Additional warehouses can be rented by the company near customers’ plants if vendor-managed inventories are required. Minimum volume is 1,000,000 pounds per year to qualify for vendor-managed inventory and nearest warehousing service.


  • Sales growth: Through in-depth account coverage by leveraging our existing customer base of 230-plus accounts and through the development and acquisition of new accounts using:
    1. Inside sales and telemarketing personnel
    2. Field-sales representatives
    3. President and technical team for key national accounts
    4. Outside brokers and sub distributors
  • Quality products and services: Through the implementation of a corporatewide safety and quality management system and full-service distribution program
  • Marketing alliance: An integrated process between the principal and United Foods Corp designed to provide feedback on target market segments and potential accounts
  • Reputation: United Foods Corporation’s reputation is one of the highest among independent and medium-sized food and pharmaceutical ingredients suppliers in the marketplace. Our profitable growth from a small import-and-export firm started in New Jersey to a leading food- and pharmaceutical-ingredients company involved in distribution, processing, and custom manufacturing in New Jersey and California has helped us earn deep trust and respect from over 230 existing customers and has also laid a solid foundation for future growth.


Marketing Program:

  • Market study and research on a regular basis, keeping updates on market trends and industry developments, in-house sales and marketing meetings on a regular basis
  • An integrated corporate quality process with a goal of BRC/FSSC22000 certification; full compliance with ISO-9002 and ISO-22000, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), Global Harmonized System (GHS), Compliant Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–compliant standards for Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventative Controls (HARPC)
    1. ***This is required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)***
    2. All future food-safety plans in the U.S. and companies exporting products to the U.S. will have to be in line with HARPC instead of HACCP. The major difference between HACCP and HARPC is that the classic HACCP is inadequate to control or mitigate hazards and a risk-based approach is needed to control them effectively.
  • Commitment to our customers, suppliers, and employees and a friendly and harmonious relationship with our neighbors and community
  • Corporate and individual involvement with both national and regional trade associations and local responsible-care issues
  • Participation in national and regional trade shows
  • Advertisements in trade magazines and directories


  • To provide the highest-quality service to existing accounts and to gain market share for existing product lines at existing accounts
  • To constantly acquire new accounts and to develop new markets where United Foods Corporation can build and increase volumes for products and leverage their existing suppliers and services

Telesales Program

  • To inside sales/telesales personnel to perform cold-calling
  • Providing sales and logistical support for customers in remote areas
  • Assisting field-sales representatives in qualifying new opportunities based on leads referred by principals or leads generated internally
  • Assisting in identifying specific product applications and reporting on new activities of customers to the sales and marketing team
  • Assisting the customer service and traffic and logistics personnel to provide a better service to our customers


  • Canada: One French and English bilingual, technically proficient sales representative dedicated to cover the Canadian market
  • Mexico: One Spanish and English bilingual, technically proficient sales representative dedicated to cover the Mexican market
  • South America (Brazil and Argentina): Three (3) Spanish and English bilingual, technically proficient sales representatives dedicated to cover the South American market.


  • United Foods Corporation is working hard to become the leading marketer and distributor of ingredients and finished products to the following industries:
    1. Food and beverage
    2. Cosmetic and personal care
    3. Nutraceutical
    4. Pharmaceutical
  • UFC wishes to grow and strengthen our position as a leading provider of ingredients and finished compounds and blends in the high-tech and industrial specialty markets:
    1. Electronics and telecommunications industries, especially cleaning, flame retardant, heat-control and reduction, circuit board and wire insulation materials and additives
    2. Photographic and printing industries
    3. High-tech metalworking/finishing industry
    4. High-end paper industry
    5. Food and pharmaceutical-grade packaging materials industry
    6. Water treatment
    7. Institutional and industrial (I & I) cleaning
    8. Petrochemical services
    9. Plastics additives and antioxidants