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Meat and poultry products are a great source of protein. They also provide other nutrients like iodine, zinc, vitamins and a lot more. However, getting the right quality of meat and poultry products still remains an issue. United Food corporation is in the industry for more than 35 years, and we know what the premium quality meat and poultry products look. We provide you with the premium quality product after testing them from our quality standard mechanism. By bringing together resources, expertise and research-driven technology, we offer a full range of value-added meat and poultry products. With the collective efforts of our highly specialized team, we aim to deliver only the best quality products to your family.

Scientific Description

Meat and poultry products are potential sources virulent E. coil and a vital source of rosemary extracts. These are given great importance because of the richness in taste and health. Around 28 billion audiences of US consumes meat and poultry products as a dietary source because of its high protein value. The poultry and meat products are composed of water, minerals, fats, fatty acids and a lot more. However, not all part of animals is safe for humans to consume. But the safe part contains the right amount of nutritional value will all the essential amino acids. Being a rich source of vitamin B12 and iron, which are not available in vegetables, can really help your muscles and tissue growth at a much higher pace.