Nutritional Products

Develop a nutritional relationship between you and your body.

Our Nutritional Product Categories

Vitamins and minerals perform hundreds of roles in a body. However, filling the gap of nutrients and supplements in your diet to support immunity, promote overall health and well-being is needed badly. United Foods Corporation has come up with the best quality nutritional products to support a healthy lifestyle. We are backed with the innovative ingredients and formulation support, therefore helping manufacturers to meet the needs of increasingly health-conscious customers. Our portfolio includes the list of bioactive ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver health-enhancing effects which keep your business connected with the industry distribution network and helps in responding to customer’s desire for health-promoting products.

Scientific Description

Nutritional science is still young, and a lot has to be discovered. In simple words, it is the interaction of nutrients for maintenance, growth, diseases, and reproduction in any organism. However, there are two types of nutrients: micronutrients which are needed in small quantities and macronutrients which are relatively required in large quantities. There are some nutrients like cellulose (a type of carbohydrate, non-digestible material like the dietary fiber), is required for both biochemical or mechanical reason whereas the fat-soluble vitamins are needed more or less continuously. Poor health can be caused due to lack of specific nutrient, mineral, and vitamin or due to excess of what is necessary for the body.