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Grab a jar of pickles for a spicy and tangy dressing.

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Pickles are delicious if they are crunchy and fermented with flavors. These are ancient food that brings together generation with the most traditional recipes and taste from every corner of the world. United Food Corporation has worked more than 30 years to trace down the ancient taste directly from your grandmother’s kitchen. Our pickles are made with the best quality ingredients and proper care that reminds you of your home in every bite you take. We aim to provide a taste of tradition to our customers and let them cherish the original ancient flavors mixed in our different varieties of pickles. There is nothing more comforting than a spiced jar of pickles on a hot sunny day.

Scientific Description

Pickles are prepared from clean and robust ingredients that may or may not have been previously fermented in salt brine. These are preserved and developed by natural or controlled fermentation or by adding vinegar directly at an equilibrium pH of 4.6 or below. The pH value is maintained to such level so that the shelf life of pickles is increased. It is further preserved by refrigeration or pasteurisation. Nutritive sweeteners, spices, seasonings, flavouring and other permissible ingredients are added in pickles for strong taste and texture. Pickled vegetables such as cucumber and different type of pickled meat have gained popularity because of their distinctive flavors which enhance the taste of bland food when eaten together.