Finding fresh seafood turned easy with United Foods Corporation

Our Seafood Categories

The need for quality seafood in the market is improved, considering the increased consumption of protein. Considering the demand and supply, United Foods Corporation has started with specialized delivery of high-quality seafood. As a global leader, UFC is addressing the demand by delivering a wide range of top quality products to the seafood lovers. We have the best aqua farm where every seafood quality is tested before packaging. After testing, they are packed in airtight containers and then placed in big freezers, so they don’t lose their freshness. We have a wide variety of premium quality seafood connecting your business to industry leading distribution networks keeping you filled with high-quality fresh products.

Scientific Description

Seafood is a part of the chilled food range, and most of the people are shifting from meat to seafood as a healthy alternative. The seafood business has drastically changed observing the continuous growth of aquaculture production, international trade and shift in consumer behavior. As the seafood is traded internationally, a proper quality check system is needed to analyze the hygiene requirements. There are a lot of hygienic handling and processing guidelines of seafood, but most of the time, they are not implementing in the right way by the industries. However, UFC follows and implement every food safety guideline to deliver only the best quality food products. We focus exclusively on providing the top quality and healthy seafood products.