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When living a busy lifestyle, the snacks are the most useful when hunger hits. If you are looking for a snack line whose quality is second to none, then United Foods Corporation has the comprehensive list of snacks you will enjoy while watching the next football match. The key in a snack is taste and nutrition. Keeping the two essential things in mind, we have come up with the full range of snacks to try without worrying about quality and health. We provide a wide variety of ingredients to choose from with our premium quality products connecting your business to industry leading distribution networks keeping you filled with high-quality fresh products.

Scientific Description

Snacks are the foods or drinks consumed between meals. These include packed chip, soft drinks, energy drinks and more. However, snacks are meant for immediate consumption, which is why they have a shelf life of 1 or 2 days. But the shelf life can be extended to 365 days through adequate packaging. The rapid expansion of snack food products market with the increasing demand for tailor-made food products can result in the establishment of innovative snacks in the industry. However, the biggest challenge in the snack market is producing healthier snack, reducing the amount of fat, sodium and sugar without affecting the taste and quality of these products.