Our spices & Condiments come together with your innovative menu producing exceptional results.

Our Condiment Categories

From over 30 years United Foods Corporation has been milling blending and grinding the spices and condiments from the best source available so far on the earth. Our custom-grinding technology provides the perfect blending of spices and condiments. We have a variety of about more than 50 spices and condiments export from across the world to meet our customer’s diverse culinary needs. We are spreading the aroma of our spices and condiments around the globe and want to reach out as the best quality spices and condiments supplier. Till date, we have a presence over 20 countries and will reach the whole globe because we follow one principle “Quality above everything”.

Scientific Description

Spices are defined as aromatic vegetable substances whose significant function is seasoning in food rather than nutrition whereas condiments are prepared food substance containing one or more than one spices or its extract, generally added to food after it has served mainly to enhance the flavor of food. Spices have an adverse effect on yeast and inhabit gas product. The higher the concentration, the more will be the effect. On the other hand, condiments can either be simple or compound. Pepper is the most common ingredient in many compound condiments. Both spices and condiments play an essential role in adding flavor to the food, and most of the people prefer recipes which contain a good amount of seasoning garnishing the dish.