Why Choose United Foods Corporation

Great opportunities are available to advance your career and enhance your professional skills. Send us your resume and complete our employment application form. We're growing year after year and want you to be a part of our growth!


We have job openings available for all experience levels in many locations, including our overseas branches. While current opportunities will vary, careers are available in administration, sales and marketing, sourcing and purchasing, research and development, regulatory compliance, warehousing and distribution, transportation, customer service, e-commerce, and web development.

Employee Benefits

We offer competitive compensation and variety of benefits to our employee. Our benefit include full cover health insurance for you.

Want to join our teams and grow with us?

Career Development

We treat our employees as members of our family. We encourage employees to develop their professional skills, obtain outside training at our company’s expense, and then meet or exceed our company’s expectations for performance. We are always committed to bringing out the best in our people and maximizing their potential in terms of career development.

We are always on the lookout for individuals with exceptional abilities and diverse backgrounds, and we believe in always promoting from within first.

Internship Experience

We’re focused on cultivating interns with talent and potential through our training programs. We have summer internship programs for college students so they can expand their knowledge and gain work experience for a better future.

At the end of each internship program, there’s a chance for interns and trainees to show exceptional talents and abilities; permanent job offers may result or recommendation letters will be provided for employment opportunities elsewhere.